3 Summer Designing Trends To Brighten Your Home

Prepping for the Summer is not just about getting ready for that vacation. Even if you travel, there is a possibility that a bigger part of the Summer will be spent at home. This is your chance to take a look at those designing trends that can brighten your home and bring in that Summer feels into your home. You can bring the joys of the tropical beach and sunny days to your interiors with just a few touches here and there. Let us look at three Summer design trends you should consider.

Introduce Nature To Your Space

Summer is a beautiful time of the year that we all look forward to. But what better way to make it even more beautiful than by brightening our spaces with plants? Nothing says Summer like blooming flowers and lush green plants around your home. Besides acting as ornamental pieces,  plants also bring in fresh air and can boost your mood. Some great houseplants include the monstera, snake plant, and rubber plant. If these do not appeal to you, then get a wide range of small potted plants that you can place on shelves and tables.

If you are worried about the plants dying, get fake plants. They will still help you achieve the same purpose, which is brightening a room. You will feel like there is a little garden in your home, and you do not even have to worry about a watering routine.

Bring In The Light

What we love about Summer are the clear skies that give us days filled with sun. But when you are not outside, you can also enjoy some sunshine indoors. If the weather is bright and great, allow natural light into the room. This is a great design trend that will not only make a space feel warm but spacious too. You can do this by investing in sheers, drawing up the shades, or getting lightweight drapery. 

If you do not have many windows to allow for this, then add shiny objects and mirrors into your space. You can also decide to add windows by getting in touch with our contractors for home improvement in Clifton, NJ. This will have a bigger effect throughout the year.

Go With A Minimalist Design

A cluttered home full of items is not exactly the best thing during the hottest season of the year. Instead, take the ‘less is more’ approach. You only need the most meaningful and purposeful décor around your home. This will give you a clean and refined look. Once you have cleared the space of unnecessary clutter, consider some pops of color here and there to add an element of Summer around your home.

Let The Professionals Help

Are you looking to remodel your home and give it a Summer feel? You are in the right place. At Five Star Remodeling, we are a team of professional remodeling contractors. We make the renovation process smooth and quick, ensuring our clients are satisfied. We have successfully accomplished various projects, including bathroom, kitchen, and basement remodeling. Contact us today about any of your remodeling needs.