5 Ways To Update Your Bathroom’s Limited Space

Many homeowners dream of a large bathroom with enough cabinet space for a few months’ worths of toiletries, but the fact remains that this isn’t feasible for everyone. There is no need to give up on your dreams entirely if you have a small space. It’s all a matter of making the most of it and finding experts to give you an affordable bathroom remodel in South Jersey.

Mount A Towel Rack 

Towels are bathroom essentials, so you may not think about how they’re affecting your bathroom’s space. If you currently have a dedicated area for storing towels, you may be able to get rid of this and replace it with a wall-mounted towel rack instead, which is more low-profile. 

Typically, homeowners will leave the space above their toilet unutilized, making it one perfect place to put this space-saving solution. If not, any spare wall space will work. 

Add Built-In Storage 

Built-in storage is directly embedded into the wall. Some homeowners will put a small built-in storage shelf in their shower to keep shampoo, conditioner, and soap close at hand. You can do this wherever there is wall space in the bathroom. 

For example, you could put a built-in storage shelf next to your vanity to put toothpaste, face wash, and so on, freeing up counter space and making your bathroom feel less cluttered. To add to the aesthetic value of your bathroom, you could even add lights to your built-in storage shelf to make it visually interesting. 

Declutter And Use Smaller Cabinets 

One thing homeowners don’t often think about is how much storage space they’re using compared to how much storage space they need. Once you start decluttering, you may find that you can replace your current cabinets with smaller ones to give you more room. 

Get Wall-To-Wall Shelving In Tight Spaces 

Once you’ve tried decluttering, you might find that you’re still in need of some more storage space. In this case, you may want to add wall-to-wall shelving to a tight space in your bathroom. Depending on your preferences, you can get shelving to go as high as the ceiling, giving you plenty of room to store all of your bathroom essentials. 

Downsize Your Utilities As Needed 

Are you still struggling to make space in your bathroom even with the solutions above? Here is something to keep in mind: Sometimes there’s just no way to make your bathroom any larger besides making your current utilities smaller. 

While this might seem like a negative at first, you can use downsizing as a means to upgrade your bathroom and change up its look. For example, you could replace a large claw-foot bathtub with a trendy glass shower fit with a contrasting tile backsplash. 

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