Best Home Remodeling Features that are Pet Friendly

With comfort, love, and companionship, pets should be regarded as family members. However, keeping a pet comes with various home design woes. Owning pets can be stressful, particularly if you find the type that eats everything on sight or scratches your couch. Luckily there are a variety of ways to design a pet-friendly home.

Here are a few tips to pet-proof your interior design.

Kitchen and basement remodeling is not all about fixing the paint, cabinets, and countertops. There’s more you can do to make your kitchen more friendly to your four-legged family members. With pet gates, feeding areas, and storage systems, you will notice it’s effortless to shelter pets.

Create a Feeding Area

Nothing beats the feeling of enjoying a nice cuisine comfortably- your pets feel the same too. So when thinking about your dining area, you also need to include a space for your meowing or barking animals to eat.

You can dedicate a space for dog or cat bowls, which helps maintain a clean kitchen or basement. The feeding area may also prevent you and your loved ones from tripping over the pet bowls. Installing a faucet close to the ground may also make refilling bowls easier.

Building Pet Gates

If you don’t want to let pets enter your kitchen or basement, building a pet gate is the best thing to do. Some pet gate options include half doors or swinging gates. The gates will keep the pets away from the kitchen or basement, especially when you want to cook or clean.

Create a Space for Napping

The kitchen is among the warmest areas of your house. You will notice that your cat likes to stay near you, and if you hang out in the kitchen a lot, that’s where she’ll be. Sometimes this can be chaotic, especially if they want to lay where you’re about to step.

Instead of chasing them away, including an area where they can relax or take a nap. Since most people don’t like bending to get items from lower cabinets, these cabinets can be used as your pet’s chill spot. You can also place a pet bed below under-sink cabinets or on a window nook. If the area is noisy, you can also decide to bring in a sound-reducing kit.


There you have it! With these ideas, you will realize that keeping a pet isn’t an uphill task anymore.

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