Subway Tile & How to Place It

Subway tiles are increasingly gaining popularity as a striking interior design alternative for your home. It is a prominent design feature that goes well with kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, chimneys, and other areas. The possibility of using subway tiles in your home is only limited to your creativity. 

Subway tiles have a clean and classic appearance that complements various décor styles like the traditional, modern, and cottage aesthetics. The overall impression may be influenced by your arrangement and installation of the tiles. Here are some of the options you can use to place your subway tiles.

Classic Sunway, Brick Pattern

The brick pattern is the original subway tile design. Filling the spaces between the tiles using gray grout provides a magnificent striking effect to your home. Most clients who call for kitchen and bath remodeling in NJ ask about the classic subway. It can be breathtaking when used creatively to make a timeless design that will not become old-fashioned.

Traditional Herringbone

If you want to add a unique pattern to your bathroom, the traditional herringbone can be a great choice. The design style gives you room to be more adventurous with your subway tile selection. Herringbone originated from complex jewelry and textiles in ancient Egypt and Italy. It has been in fashion for years and has never gone out of style. As a result, this design will always look refreshing in your home.

Geometric Look

A geometric design can be bold and classic all at the same time. You get an interesting effect by arranging two horizontal tiles adjacent to two vertical tiles. Not sure where this design can work in your home? Try it in your kitchen. You will love the results.

The Horizontal Stack

The horizontal design is a contemporary design that may also work well in a traditional setting. When coupled with the correct type of floor tile, this design may look gorgeous. The bigger the walls, the more beautiful it gets. Try it in your bathroom and see the magic it gives you.

Stacked Vertical

Place the subway tiles vertically to create an unusual composition. The vertical option for subway tiles design makes your ceiling appear higher. It works nicely behind the counters giving a simple, relaxed look.

Stacked Running Bond

A stacked running bond is a creative variant of the horizontal stacking bond design that blends colorful subway tiles for a striped appearance. It captures attention and makes the space look taller. You will have to cut some vertical tiles to correspond with the height of the horizontal ones.

Step Ladder

The step ladder looks like stepping stones. It appears excellent in the surrounding shower design and opens the space. It is a unique layout that creates a powerful statement. Worth considering this tile pattern in your bathroom or kitchen.

There are several exciting patterns for placing the tiles to give your home a stunning look. Are you thinking of remodeling your home? Five Star Remodeling is ready to offer you quality services. Schedule a free consultation today by contacting us.