Tips on Choosing Budget-Friendly Kitchen Floors

It’s easy to spend $30 or more per square foot on kitchen flooring. However, if you select the right materials, you can reduce the cost to less than $10 per square foot. The key is to find the cheapest and most durable materials that will hold up in your kitchen. 

1. Ceramic Tiles are Easy to Clean

A classic flooring style for kitchens, ceramic tile is hard, nonporous, and easy to clean. It looks excellent and is easily mopped clean. Something to consider is how the installation can be a little bit harder than some other options. Due to the need to be very careful laying it down and adding the grout, you want to hire the best kitchen remodelers in Cherry Hill, NJ.

2. Vinyl Flooring is Easy to Install

One of the cheapest options, vinyl is particularly easy to install since you can usually stick or click it into place right on the subfloor without any underlayment. However, keep in mind, that it isn’t as durable as some other materials. This type of flooring can be scratched or gouged easily, which often means it needs to be replaced sooner. 

3. Laminate Flooring Looks Amazing

If you want to recreate some of the most expensive-looking kitchen floors without spending your entire budget, laminate floors are a great option. They look like hardwood flooring, slate, or stone, but are a fraction of the cost and can be easily installed. Although beautiful, depending on the choice and how it was installed, this material is not always the best for kitchens. If not properly maintained, they can become damaged and uneven. 

4. Cork Is Comfy Under Your Feet

It’s a little more expensive than some of the other options, but cork is an affordable material you can use in your kitchen for less than $10 a square foot, and it’s incredibly cushiony and comfortable to walk and stand on. However, it may not be as durable as other, typical kitchen flooring choices. 

How a Contractor Can Help

Although there may be some challenges based on the material you choose, when hiring an expert that can better guide you through an affordable kitchen remodeling in NJ, the risk of picking a less expensive flooring is minimized. In the end, if the job isn’t done right, you need to pay for repairs or even a new floor later on. Let Five Star Remodeling help guide you with choosing the right, budget-friendly kitchen flooring for your home. With the right materials and a good contractor, you can afford a fantastic kitchen floor. Contact us today.