Why You Should Install a Sump Pump in Your Crawlspace Pennsauken, NJ

Why You Should Install a Sump Pump in Your Crawlspace Pennsauken, NJ

Is your crawlspace musty and damp? Then you may need to have a sump pump installed.

Many people associate sump pumps with basements. It isn’t uncommon to find a sump pump and a battery backup system installed in a basement. However, not many homeowners with crawlspaces will consider having a sump pump installed.

The truth is that a sump pump could be exactly what you need to prevent flooding in your crawlspace. A sump pump will remove water that seeps into the crawlspace, thus preventing flooding. This is especially important if you use your crawlspace to store items. You can prevent damage to your belongings and ensure that the space is kept mold-free and clean.

Sump pumps can also help to keep ground water out of the crawlspace. If you live in an area with a high water table, having a sump pump installed in your crawlspace should be a no-brainer.

Part of a comprehensive system

One of the greatest mistakes homeowners make when considering waterproofing solutions for their crawlspaces is thinking of the solutions as individual units and not as components of a comprehensive solution. There are several other components you should consider to ensure that your crawlspace remains dry and clean.

  1. A battery backup system

Many homeowners install a sump pump and fail to install a battery backup system.When their sump pumps fail, their crawlspaces become flooded with water. A backup system is designed to kick in when the primary sump pump has failed. This system ensures that your crawlspace will remain dry regardless of the conditions.

  1. Encapsulation

This is one of the best things you can do to keep your crawlspace dry. While a sump pump deals with water that has entered the crawlspace, encapsulating your crawlspace with a vapor barrier will prevent the water from entering the crawlspace in the first place. Using both encapsulation and a sump pump will ensure your crawlspace remains dry.

  1. External drainage systems

It’s also important to install effective external drainage systems. These include rain gutters, downspouts and even yard drainage. All these systems ensure that runoff from melting snow or rainfall is guided away from the crawlspace and deposited far away. This ensures that the waterproofing system you have put in place is not overwhelmed.

Be sure to contact a professional waterproofing contractor to install your sump pump so you can enjoy its many benefits for a long time.

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